Ginger root to enhance a man's intimate life

Residents of Japan, China and many Asian countries, where the traditions of traditional medicine are respected and observed, know the secrets of using ginger. It is considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, and is present in many tinctures and herbal teas with a stimulating effect. The name of the plant is translated from Sanskrit as "universal remedy", among the Chinese it means "masculinity". A plant with amazing properties is mentioned in the Koran and Ayurveda, in the treatise on the science of love "Kama Sutra" they speak of it as the main assistant of the representatives of the stronger sex. Ginger has been used for centuries for male potency, as it can affect sexual desire, increase male power, and give confidence in one's sexual superiority.

Treatment of impotence in men with ginger

Safe potency testifies to the health of the male reproductive and reproductive system, high libido, normal blood supply to the pelvic organs and the ability of the penis to maintain an erection for a long time. This is achieved thanks to the qualitative state of the vessels and their elasticity, the good conductivity of nerve impulses, the high level of androgens and the contractility of smooth muscles.

But with age or under the influence of negative factors, these characteristics deteriorate, which leads to problems in sexual life.

It is important to know!Often referred to as the root of love, ginger root serves as a proven natural aphrodisiac that can arouse sexual desire even in the elderly. In addition, ginger improves the blood supply to the genital organs, increases the synthesis of testosterone and provides a stable and long-lasting erection.

A positive effect is also observed when it is used for preventive purposes. In folk medicine and cooking, the plant is traditionally used fresh, dried, frozen or in brine.

Valuable properties and composition of ginger

The root has a rich composition, and to understand the effect of ginger on a man's potency, you should study it in more detail. The plant contains all the necessary substances that positively affect the state of the genital area.

  1. Amino acids.They play an important role in the synthesis of vitamins, in the formation of proteins, in men increase libido, maintain vigor and efficiency.
  2. organic acids.They affect cellular circulation, take part in the tissue regeneration process and contribute to the removal of metabolic products from the body.
  3. Vitamin A.It improves vascular tone, strengthens their walls, increases elasticity, ensuring healthy blood flow.
  4. Vitamins of group B.They participate in the production of androgens, normalize redox processes in the body and improve the functioning of the nervous system.
  5. C vitamin.It strengthens the immune system, slows down the aging of the body, participates in the production of testosterone and in the synthesis of spermatozoa, increasing their activity.

The composition of ginger includes a whole complex of microelements necessary to maintain the normal functioning of many systems and, first of all, sexual and reproductive (potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron). The plant also contains essential oil, which includes a wide range of bioactive components, including citral and borneol. It is industrially produced and sold mixed with vegetable oils.

The mechanism of influence on potency

Not only ancient healers, but also modern doctors have recognized the effectiveness of the plant for healing the body, but the root has proved very useful for the genital area. The first practical data on its impact on human health were obtained even before our era. More serious studies on how ginger affects potency, as well as the study of its biochemical composition and unique properties, have already been conducted in our time. It has been reliably established that with the regular use of ginger for food or in the case of treatment with products based on it, the following changes can occur:

Grated ginger root for potency in men
  • the production of androgens is normalized;
  • erection improves due to increased blood supply to the penis;
  • the duration of sexual intercourse increases;
  • the strength and energy of the body are restored;
  • immunity is strengthened;
  • the psycho-emotional state is normalized.

According to experts, the burning root is able to effectively cope even with infertility. But the periodic use of spices will not bring the desired result. To be successful, you need to include it in your daily diet or take it as a drug. In the absence of contraindications, after a week you can feel that the problem is gradually disappearing and health is restored.

Special instructions for use

Ginger affects the functioning of all body systems. But in some cases, its use has a detrimental effect, in particular, it stimulates unwanted processes and aggravates existing pathologies. To avoid this, you need to know the conditions under which the use of a burning root is contraindicated.

  1. Hypertension.It is possible to increase the pressure to critical values.
  2. Allergic reactions.Skin irritation may appear.
  3. Hemorrhoids.The plant causes the development of bleeding.
  4. Irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, ulcer.The likelihood of spastic seizures increases.
  5. Tumor formationsor polyps in the stomach, intestines. When used, its growth can be activated.

Attention!Contraindications to the use of a miracle root are diseases of the kidneys, liver, gallbladder. An increase in the load on these organs can provoke an exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis, as well as the movement of stones in the urinary and biliary ducts. It is not recommended to combine the use of ginger with the intake of anticoagulants and drugs that stimulate the heart muscle and reduce sugar levels.

Options for using the plant for men

Ginger root is a unique remedy for male potency, which is included in various recipes for increasing tone. But a positive effect can only be achieved when used correctly.

Ginger root can be eaten both fresh and powdered.

Of course, not everyone is able to chew a fresh root, even for their own health. Therefore, there are many options for its use, the main thing is not to steam it with boiling water, which will lead to the loss of most of the healing qualities.

  1. Crushed or ground raw root.It is used as an additive in drinks and dishes, as a component for the preparation of tinctures; can be prepared like tea.
  2. Dried ginger.It is used in cooking as a seasoning, spice.
  3. Marinated root.A popular and essential ingredient in Asian cuisine.
  4. Candied fruit.The dried and candied tuber is considered a delicious treat, but is contraindicated in overweight people.

Traditional medicine suggests using ginger in recipes to increase potency in men. Doctors recommend using any type of product every day to avoid overdose. The norm is 15 g of fresh root and 3 g of dried. Exceeding the recommended amount leads to unpleasant conditions: nausea, bloating, flatulence, belching, diarrhea.

Blend of ginger and lemon

Thoroughly rinse and dry the medium-sized tuber, then chop it in a blender. Pass a large lemon through a meat grinder along with the peel. Put the ginger and citrus mass in a glass container, mix until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Cover with a lid and leave for a day at room temperature until juice appears. The finished product must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed in a teaspoon a quarter of an hour before sexual intercourse.

Spicy blend to increase potency

Wash the ginger root, peel and chop. Do the same with the unpeeled lemon. Combine the resulting mass with five tablespoons of liquid honey, then add cinnamon and nutmeg powder to the tip of a knife, 3-4 crushed clove buds. Transfer the finished product to a jar and leave for two days at room temperature, then transfer to a cool place. It should be consumed in a teaspoon half an hour before sexual contact.

alcohol solution

Ginger tincture on vodka to increase potency is prepared as follows. Peel and grate some tubers weighing 400 g (or chop them in a blender). In a glass or ceramic container, combine the resulting mass with 500 ml of vodka. Tightly capped, transfer the mixture to a dark place and leave it for three weeks. After 21 days, filter the finished drink and put it in the refrigerator. It is recommended to use it three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Energy drink

Prepare the tea from the peeled and mashed ginger root 15 cm long and 4 glasses of water. Pour 100 ml of hot drink into a tall glass, add a teaspoon of ginseng powder, a slice of lemon or lime, 5 g of honey and dilute with 200 ml of mineral water. Mix everything and put in the fridge. This amount of drink is designed for two days.

Healing tea to improve potency

A drink is prepared with nettle root, galangal and licorice, taken in the same proportion. Grind the raw materials, pour 600 ml of ginger water and simmer under a lid in a water bath for 10 minutes. After that, the mixture is insisted for another hour. Drink the hot filtered tea, adding a pinch of powdered ginger and a tablespoon of honey if desired.


First, boil 150 g of honey with a glass of water, eliminating the foam. Separately, bring 250 ml of water to a boil with 100 g of granulated sugar. Combine both drinks and simmer to evaporate some of the liquid. In a deep bowl, mix 2-3 teaspoons of dry St. John's wort, 2 cloves, 5 black peppercorns, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tbsp. L. fresh or dried mint and ¼ tsp. Ginger. Add 50 ml of water there and first boil over low heat for 15 minutes, then insist another 10 minutes. Strain the finished concentrate and pour a thin drizzle into the honey and sugar mixture. Keep warm and use heat not only for potency problems, but also for colds and other diseases.

Ginger for potency can be taken not only inside, but also used in the form of baths. To do this, prepare a healing decoction of 60 g of crushed root and a liter of boiling water, which is boiled over low heat for 10-15 minutes. The procedure should not exceed a quarter of an hour.

Procurement of medicinal raw materials

Early sowing of ginger allows you to reap a rich harvest in mid-autumn. The rhizome of the plant can be unearthed from the last days of September up to and including November. The biological maturity of the root is believed to reach 9 months after planting. With proper storage, it retains the maximum of its useful properties for a long time.

Preparation of ginger root useful for humans

Young roots are distinguished by a more delicate taste and a specific aroma, they are not pungent like ripe tubers. The home extraction procedure is carried out in several stages.

  • Carefully remove the bush along with the earthy sod.
  • Clean the tubers from the substrate.
  • Remove the rhizome from which the bush appeared.
  • Carefully separate the adventitious roots.
  • Use a knife to remove the dried stems.
  • Thoroughly rinse the young tubers in running water.

Before sending the collected raw materials for storage, it is necessary to dry them thoroughly in the sun for several days.

Advise!Fresh ginger is well preserved and does not lose its qualities for a long time. It is optimal to store the tubers in a dry and cool cellar, but in the apartments it can be kept in the refrigerator, after having wrapped them individually with film or baking paper.

If it is not possible to grow ginger yourself, you can buy ready-made powder at the pharmacy.

Reviews of men

On the Internet, you can find many reviews about the benefits of ginger root for potency. Representatives of the stronger sex positively comment on the effectiveness of therapy with a miracle cure. Many of them got rid of prostatitis, improved the parameters of the spermogram.

  • "I heard about the benefits of ginger from friends and when I noticed changes in the genital area, I decided to give it a try. At first, the taste seemed bitter and unpleasant, but I started adding various additives to the tea: lemon, honey, cinnamon. The situation improved after 10 days ".
  • "For me, the problem with potency became relevant two years ago. Having tried many means, I heard from a friend about the benefits of ginger red wine. Since I don't drink hard alcohol, I decided to give it a try. I poured a spoonful of ginger. powder in a bottle and left it for a week in the dark, as it should be. I started taking a couple of tablespoons before meals on the eighth day. My beloved woman also noticed a significant improvement. "


Ginger and potency are related concepts, as the root is a powerful catalyst for improving sexual function. With proper and regular use, you can get rid of many diseases of the genitourinary system, increase libido, improve erection, increase the duration of sexual intercourse. To achieve tangible results, it is enough to use a burning root for a month. And the regular use of spices in the diet will prevent the development of pathologies and keep immunity at the correct level.