10 homemade ways to quickly increase potency in men

According to statistics, potency problems are experienced by one in three men after 40 years. A decrease in sexual activity occurs due to age-related changes, improper lifestyle, physical and emotional stress, diseases of the genital area. But drug treatment is not required for all men. Low potency negatively affects a man's psycho-emotional state, but don't panic. There are ways to quickly improve your erection at home. Let's consider them.

woman and man with greater power

How to increase power through exercise

The first way is physical activity to increase and strengthen sexual activity in men. Exercise can naturally and safely increase erection in men, improve health and strengthen the male body.

A step by step series of daily exercises:

  1. Circular movements of the pelvis are performed standing, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the belt. The rotations of the pelvis are performed in both directions alternately for ten minutes each. press them closer to the stomach.
  2. Squat with bent knees. Legs are placed shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, hands on the belt. Sit down, stretching and relaxing your gluteal muscles as much as possible. Return to the starting position and repeat the squats.
  3. Lie on your back, raise your pelvis, leaning on the shoulder blades and hands lying on the floor, repeat 10 times.
  4. Exercise "bicycle", in the supine position, raise your legs, making them make movements that resemble pedaling.
exercise to increase power

The repetition rate of the exercises is individual based on physical abilities. Regularity of their implementation is encouraged.

Gymnastics for power

The second way is to improve power in men at any age by training the PC muscle at home. It is found in men from the pubic bone to the coccyx and supports the anus and internal organs, preventing their prolapse. Technique: Sitting in a chair with your back straight and your muscles relaxed, tilt your head back slightly and close your eyes. Then slowly tense the muscle and hold the tension for 3-5 seconds, then relax. Do at least 10 approaches three times a day, gradually increasing the load. Gymnastics can be performed lying on your back with your legs slightly apart or standing.

How to eat to increase potency

The third way to increase potency and libido is proper nutrition. Foods that stimulate male sexuality (aphrodisiac foods) should be included in a man's daily diet.

Herbal products:

  • Peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds: increase the potency.
  • Parsley, coriander, spinach, celery - increase testosterone production, increase potency.
  • Citrus fruits: improve potency and libido, activate testosterone production.
  • Pomegranate is a strong male pathogen that improves erection.
  • Fig - has a beneficial effect on the duration of erection, restores strength, increases potency.
  • Turnip - increases potency, arouses sexual desire.
  • Onions and garlic: increase potency and sexual activity in men. Onions improve spermatogenesis and garlic is a powerful male aphrodisiac.
food products to increase potency

The basis of male nutrition is meat, without animal proteins, testosterone production and good potency are impossible. A good way to increase erection before intimate contact is to eat 3g of boiled camel stomach.

Seafood (crabs, lobsters, shrimp, etc. ) and fatty sea fish can improve erection in men. It is useful to eat boiled mackerel, it not only increases potency, but also promotes conception.

Men need to eat cheese, sour cream, kefir, cottage cheese and other dairy products every day. Milk protein is one of the main stimulants of testosterone (male hormone) production. Chicken and quail eggs help to prolong sexual intercourse, restore potency.

Chocolate is a sweet aphrodisiac, it contains chemical elements that increase sexual desire. Phenylphetamine affects the nerve centers in the brain responsible for pleasure. Tryptophan increases sexual arousal. Anandamide is euphoric and sensitizing. Theobromine improves mood.

Honey is an aphrodisiac medicine, it contains zinc, which is necessary for the production of testosterone (male hormone). Honey restores the functions of the male reproductive system, improves spermatogenesis and prevents diseases of the genitourinary system. To maintain sexual potency and health, doctors recommend eating chestnut honey, lime, flowers, and ginseng.

Drinks to increase erection

The fourth way to increase erection in men is to drink. Green tea helps restore erection, to which ginseng or ginger root is added. Freshly squeezed celery and carrot juices, mixed in equal proportions, are an effective cocktail for increasing male sexual activity. Erectile function is improved by a cocktail of quail eggs with tomato paste and milk: in 500 ml of hot milk add 20 g of tomato paste and 2 quail eggs, salt, pepper and spices to taste. Beat the ingredients in a blender, the cocktail is ready.

Aphrodisiacs for increasing male potency are also found in alcoholic beverages. Absinthe is considered exciting and mulled wine acts quickly. Aniseed tincture and egg liqueur help improve potency in men. The important thing is not to overdo it and not to overdo it.

What else can you strengthen the potency?

The fifth way to restore potency in men is a contrast shower. Poured from the shower, alternating hot and cold water. The procedure has a general strengthening effect on the male body, improves blood supply to the pelvic organs, relieves spasms and improves mood.

The sixth way to increase potency are therapeutic baths. To increase potency in men, it is useful to take a bath with bay leaves. To prepare a bath, chamomile flowers (100 g) are pre-infused with three liters of boiling water in an enamel bowl and infused for 20 minutes. Then we boil a bay leaf (5-6 pieces) In water for 5 minutes, pour a bath and add the chamomile infusion and broth to hot water. A man needs to take a bath every night for 30 minutes.

ice cubes for a pack to increase potency

The seventh way to increase potency is the use of ice, which helps increase potency in men. The ice is wrapped in gauze folded in several layers and used as a cold pack, applied to parts of the man's body for 2-3 seconds. They start from the top of the head, then go down to the neck, chest, abdomen, scrotum.

Eighth way - folk remedies to increase potency. Consider the proven recipes:

  • Plant pollen to increase potency in men is an effective product in the fight against male impotence. It increases sexual activity, restores the male reproductive system and improves sperm quality. A single dosage is half a teaspoon, consumed twice a day. The course of pollen treatment is 2 weeks.
  • Infusion of asparagus to increase power: pour 10 fruits of the plant with boiling water (400 ml), close the container and leave to infuse for 6-8 hours. The tincture is used 3 times a day, 50 ml. The duration of the course is 2 weeks. For the infusion use the dried and pre-crushed roots of the plant. The fruits and roots are used in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Nuts and honey are taken in equal proportions. Grind the nuts, add honey, mix thoroughly. The remedy is taken 20 minutes after a meal, washed down with milk. Take 2 teaspoons twice a day. The duration of the course is 1 month.
  • To increase potency, onions are eaten raw or an infusion of 2-3 onions is prepared. They are crushed, poured with warm water (400 ml), left to infuse for 3-4 hours. The recommended single dose is 100 ml. The frequency of use is 3-4 times a day. Onions have a positive effect on the male reproductive system, improve spermatogenesis and increase potency in men.
  • Pulmonary medicine to increase potency in men. Take 10 g of dried herbs and pour a glass of boiling water, leave to infuse for 1 hour, then strain and use to treat impotence in men. Take one tablespoon three times a day. Lungwort is used as a salad dressing.

Modern drugs for men

The ninth way to increase potency is to stimulate drugs. Drugs that increase potency in men are available in the following forms:

  • Solutions for injection.
  • Pills.
  • Means for external use (ointment, balm, spray, gel).

The composition of the preparations for men includes plant extracts to increase potency. External agents dilate the vessels of the penis and stimulate sexual desire, they are used immediately before intercourse.

Men immediately notice the effect of taking drugs, but there are also disadvantages - psychological dependence. To avoid the problem, it is recommended to combine the use of medicines with other methods of increasing male potency.

The tenth method is correct and useful for men. To achieve positive results in the treatment of impotence, it is important for a man to get rid of bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is impossible to return an erection in 1 day, you should think in advance about the health and prevention of men, combining methods of increasing potency. Outdoor activities, sports, proper nutrition and a good mood will help maintain male strength into old age.

Reviews of men

man, 43

Potency problems have recently appeared. I checked with the doctor, he said it was all because of the nerves, he advised him to drink sedatives. But I decided to try a popular drug to increase potency, there really is an effect, but I will still try to follow the recommendations of the doctor.

Male, 46

Constant stress at work has done the job of him, lately I absolutely don't want to have sex and the erection is not so persistent anymore. I bought special drops, I don't often take the remedy, but I am very satisfied with the stimulating effect.

Male, 41

All aphrodisiac drugs are too expensive. Pills don't help for long, and drinking them in packs isn't healthy. It is better to do gymnastics for power and eat right.