How to choose vitamins for men to improve potency?

Every man wants to have a normal intimate life. But due to stress, depression or a bad lifestyle, you don't shine in bed as you used to. Do you really have to give up sex? Certainly not, because in many cases the reason for the decrease in potency is the lack of minerals and vitamins necessary for the male body. There are very few nutrients in our diet, so we recommend that you use a good vitamin complex, which, in combination with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, will also improve your well-being and potency.

Vitamins for men to improve potency: selection criteria

Vitamins to increase potency in men

Of course, I would like to get all the nutrients from food, but in modern times this task is impossible. Many are wary of synthetic vitamin complexes and refuse to use them. And completely in vain - after all, they contain much more vitamins and minerals than food. In addition, thanks to the use of modern technologies, the drugs are of high quality and are perfectly absorbed by the body.

What are the criteria for choosing vitamins for potency:

  • C vitamin.This vitamin increases blood flow and improves circulation. This is very important, since potency is directly related to blood circulation and if it decreases, the quality of intimate life deteriorates. Also, vitamin C can help you get rid of urinary tract infections.
  • Folic acid (vitamin B9)- recent studies have shown that this substance affects sperm production and potency. With regular and long-term use, you will notice that your love life has become much brighter.
  • Zinc- affects the level of testosterone and promotes its production. But as you know, your male strength depends on testosterone - the more, the better. And in combination with folic acid, zinc can work wonders! Therefore, when choosing a vitamin complex, be sure to pay attention to whether these two components are included.
  • Vitamin E- increases sperm production, converts fat into energy, increases the amount of testosterone produced. In addition, vitamin E has a magical effect on the whole body: it strengthens the immune system, prevents cancer and has a positive effect on blood circulation.
  • Vitamin B12- takes care of blood vessels and prevents anemia (iron deficiency). It must be taken without fail for those who have poorly active sperm and reduced sperm production.
  • Nicotinic acid (vitamin B3)- also known as niacin. The acid regulates the male hormone levels and improves blood circulation. In addition, the substance prevents diseases such as erectile dysfunction.
  • Vitamin D- increases the rate of synthesis of the hormone testosterone, improves potency. Since the vitamin is poor in food, it is recommended to take it as a supplement.

How to take a vitamin complex

Useful fruits and vitamin complexes for male potency

We do not suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the best vitamin complexes, as we do not provide advertising. You have to choose the vitamins that suit you according to the above criteria. Before buying, be sure to read the composition and ask the seller to show the quality certificates for the product. You can also consult your doctor in advance, who will also give you valuable advice on choosing.

How to drink vitamins correctly? It all depends on the type of vitamin complex you have purchased. In most cases, there is an instruction on the label. In order for the vitamin complex to be absorbed normally, drink it with food, drink it with a little water.

Quality vitamins for men can be purchased not only in pharmacies, but also in sports nutrition stores.

Do not forget that vitamins are not a panacea for all ailments and to solve your male problem you have to completely change your lifestyle: eat well, forget bad habits, be less nervous. If the situation does not improve even if these recommendations are followed, a specialist should be consulted - you may have a medical condition.